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  • JMD Tele films Ltd (JMD) is a publicly traded company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
  • JMD is an Indian business conglomerate having revenues of more than 2 billion INR & having a diversified business portfolio spanning across different industries viz a viz entertainment, digital, ecommerce, education, distribution, retail, investment, infrastructure, media, trading & services sectors
  • JMD was originally incorporated in year 1984, as Avtar Finance & management consultants. In 2001, the company diversified from finance to regional entertainment industry and changed the name to JMD
  • JMD has maintained its roots of a finance company and has made some prudent investments which have grown to its top and improved bottom line of the company. JMD has about 1200 music albums and over 30,000 song titles in their portfolio. It has expanded its reach by organizing regional concerts & events. JMD also produce shows for regional Television & Radio channels in India.
  • JMD was included in the Small Cap, BSE 500, BSE Tech Index by the Bombay Stock Exchange for period 2010-11. New initiatives, technology upgrades & the new team introduced in JMD has assisted JMD to foray into new areas & increase revenue by 100% in the last financial year.
  • 2010-11 Average Market Capitalization: INR 800 Crores.
  • Total Revenue FY 2011-2012 appx: INR 200 Crores.
  • Total Revenue FY 2010-2011 appx: INR 100 Crores.
  • Total Revenue FY 2009-2010 appx: INR 80 Crores.
  • Total Revenue FY 2008-2009 appx: INR 40 Crores.

JMD Tele films Ltd(JMD).
is a public limited company.
JMD is listed on the Bombay.

Stock Exchange. (Scrip ID : JMD TELEFILM, Scrip code : 511092)

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JMD Tele films Ltd(JMD).is a public limited company. JMD is listed on the Bombay.